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Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA)
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Intro synth  and chorus chords:   Dm   A         Dm   A   Dm   A7     Bb  A

Dm    C     F    Bb     C      F


I    wasn?t   jealous   before   we  met,  now  every  woman  I  see  is   a

                    C             Dm
Potential    threat.   And  I?m  posessive  it  isn?t  nice,  you?ve  got  me

Saying   that  smoking   was  my  only  vice.        But    now   it    isn?t

Dm                 A7                                      Dm
True,   now   everything   is    new,   and   all   I   learned   has

Edim7 (xx2323)                         Dm                    G
Overturned,                           I   beg    of   you

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