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Abba's discography
ABBA - The Definitive Collection
® 2001 Polydor / Pgd © 2001

ABBA - Oro - Grandes Exitos
® 1999 Polygram Records © 1999
Oro, a collection of their Spanish tracks, proves that a great band sounds good in any language!

ABBA - More ABBA Gold
® 1993 © 1993
If you like the pure pop sound of Abba, stick with "Abba Gold". If you want a sampler of Abba that expands beyond the pop hits, then start with "More Abba Gold".

® 1992 Polydor / Pgd © 1992
With more than 22 million sales worldwide, ABBA Gold has emerged as the group's all-time greatest success.

® 1986 Polydor / Pgd © 1986
The live album that was asked for many years...

ABBA - The Singles - The First Ten Years
® 1982 Polydor © 1982
This was the end. Though we didn't know it at the time. ABBA's breakup was never announced, they simply never recorded again after this album. This collection of most of ABBA's A- sides was put together when it became clear that the group had no enthusiasm and not enough songs for an entire studio album of new material.

ABBA - The Visitors
® 1981 Polygram Records © 1981
The Visitors is quite impressive. It's a more complex listen than their other stuff, both lyrically and melodically, and it highlights the impressive extent of ABBA's evolution over the scarcely ten years that we knew them.

ABBA - Gracias Por La Musica
® 1980 Polydor © 1980
To facilitate a breakthrough in South America, ABBA recorded Spanish-language versions of Chiquitita and I Have A Dream in 1979. These tracks were both released as singles and went on to become big hits. Encouraged by this success, the group decided to record a complete album of Spanish versions of selected songs: some familiar hits, plus tracks that were thought to have a Latin flavour, such as ’Move On’ and ’Hasta Mañana’.

ABBA - Super Trouper
® 1980 Polygram Records © 1980
Super Trouper is for Abba what Sergent Pepper was for the Beatles...

ABBA - Voulez-Vous
® 1979 Polydor / Pgd © 1979
That it took nearly a year to record Voulez-Vous is an indicator of the creative and personal box in which the four members of ABBA found themselves at the end of the '70s. Their sixth album coincided with the marital split between Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus and the massively shifting currents in popular music, with disco, which had been on the wane, suddenly undergoing a renaissance thanks to the 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever.

ABBA - Greatest Hits Vol. II
® 1979 Discomate © 1979
Greatest Hits Vol. 2 was released to coincide with ABBA’s tour of North America and Europe, taking place between September and November, 1979.

ABBA - ABBA - The Album
® 1977 Polydor / Pgd © 1977
ABBA-THE ALBUM was the album tied in with ABBA-THE MOVIE, ABBA's only theatrical movie release. Many ,but not all of the songs on the album can be heard in some form in the movie.

ABBA - Arrival
® 1976 Polydor / Pgd © 1976
ABBA's fourth album appeared after the group had arrived as major stars, and it shows the quartet at the absolute top of their game.

® 1975 Polydor / Pgd © 1975
What is the album that finally shot ABBA onto the scene? This one.

ABBA - Greatest Hits
® 1975 Epic © 1975
This album is where ABBA broke through worldwide on the album charts. This album would precede to go platinum seemingly everywhere it was released, including America.

ABBA - Waterloo
® 1974 Universal/Polydor © 1974
In 1974 Abba was about to conquer Europe. They won the Eurovision contest with "Waterloo".

ABBA - Ring Ring
® 1973 Polydor © 1973
"Ring Ring" is the first album that Abba ever recorded, and it shows a band that was just beginning to figure out how to write great pop songs. There are a couple of hits and a whole lot of misses included. The title track was their first hit single, and it started them on their meteoric rise to becoming one of the biggest bands in the world during the 1970s.

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