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The Visitors (ABBA)
® 1981 Polygram Records © 1981
The Visitors is quite impressive. It's a more complex listen than their other stuff, both lyrically and melodically, and it highlights the impressive extent of ABBA's evolution over the scarcely ten years that we knew them.
The Visitors (ABBA)
Track Listing
1.  The Visitors (Crackin' Up)
2.  Head Over Heels
3.  When All Is Said And Done
4.  Soldiers
5.  I Let The Music Speak
6.  One Of Us
7.  Two For The Price Of One
8.  Slipping Through My Fingers
9.  Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
10.  Under Attack
11.  Should I Laugh Or Cry
12.  Cassandra
13.  The Day Before You Came

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