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Abba Story forum (page 10)
Feel free to discuss about the best band ever here
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iraida (08/05/2010 14:16:01)
i love abba very much as my family love it too,it reminds me a lot of precious memories of my childhood.my day not be completed without listening their precious voice.Filipinos love abba very much.
Lou (05/04/2010 14:39:02)
Hi Abba friends,
Check out Bjorn to Rock. The only Abba tribute band with a fantastic rock edge.
Check out www.bjorntorock.com
Jenny Cooper (15/03/2010 22:35:33)
I love ABBA!!!!!! I spent all day listening to their songs a few weekends ago, then went to a bar where a guy played an amazing cover of "take a chance on me", super-ABBA day- you can hear some here: www.colinasquith.com

love reading what everyone else has been up to!!
Maxim (09/03/2010 07:39:13)
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sally (03/03/2010 01:00:46)
I just had to write and tell you about an ABBA Tribute that I saw at the Special olympics last year.... These guys are great great great !!
The girls voices were amazing and they are the best ABBA Tribute I have ever seen.
You have to check out their website
John (22/02/2010 19:58:46)
Hi ABBA Fans,
I love ABBA and recently went to the ABBA exhibition in London.
While i was down there i saw a fantastic ABBA Tribute Band called ABBA Sensation.
They really made my stay in London complete.
i found there website:
Anna Ban (20/02/2010 09:01:50)
Dear ABBAs!
I am ABBAfan.

VAida (23/01/2010 16:29:35)
ABBA you are the BEST
Saundra Heebsh (12/01/2010 19:07:05)
My community theater (of which I am Artistic Director) is thinking of putting together a production of Abba's music - a tribute to Abba. Does anyone know who holds the rights to their catalog, or who I should contact regarding performance rights for their songs?
Swede Dreamz (12/01/2010 10:26:06)

Swede Dreamz ABBA tribute, now in our 6th year. Comments welcome.
raja (25/12/2009 12:54:52)
Here this song

Al Andar

steve (21/12/2009 21:14:00)
Just saw Abba Inferno live at The Forum (part of University of Hertfordshire). They where awesome!! By far the best tribute band I've seen, and belive me I have seen alot...
Check them out when you get a chance.www.abbainferno.co.uk
I hear they are playing Lingfield racecourse in June 2010 in front of 5000 people. Should be a great evening!!!
RJS (29/11/2009 15:40:10)
To mark the 28th anniversary of the release of The Visitors album I have at long last completed the long intended re edit of my video for the title track.

You can find it on YouTube and I hope you will all enjoy it.

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes,

Laura (20/10/2009 18:22:05)
I'm a pixel painter from the UK and I've recently painted a picture of Agnetha which is now for sale on my website - www.pixpa.weebly.com for £15/$30 (including S+H) I can also do commissions. Please see my website for more info and pics.

Lucy (10/09/2009 13:00:25)
If you want to see the best Abba tribute band you should check out Abba's Angels, they definitely have to be the best i've seen! :-D
Colin Asquith (02/09/2009 23:54:22)
I love ABBA, they have such great songs, but weirdly they all seem so tragic under the uptempo disco music!

I recorded a cover, hopefully trying to show this side of their songs, of Take a Chance on Me, you can hear it at http://www.colinasquith.com

Any comments welcome!
Melody (28/07/2009 10:11:04)
HI Guys,
Please check out our ABBA Tribute Band- ABBA Sensation.


http://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=PC0TClS4kDg

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Diver Bill (15/07/2009 01:03:48)
I like salestron.com 'cause they play music videos of each of the 120+ abba songs like a jukebox...no clicking around...one song after the other... plus they have other oldies I like such as Johnny Tillotson, Moody Blues, etc. The other site is youtube ....just search youtube for all the abba songs...not quite as easy. Hope this helps.
Peggy (15/07/2009 00:57:40)
Diver Bill, Do you know where I could listen to ALL those songs... no tricks please?
Diver Bill (15/07/2009 00:54:42)
I was surprised there were so many ABBA released songs... about 120. My favorite is one that not many have heard...Andante... a bit different than the rest

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