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Abba Story forum (page 6)
Feel free to discuss about the best band ever here
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Pete (20/12/2006 07:11:46)
Hello to everone in radio land

Abba have done what no other band has done, there music is simply timeless... LONG LIVE ABBA!!!
Leanne (18/12/2006 18:43:15)
Hi everyone!! I like this site :)

ABBA Forever!!
Antonio Macias (13/12/2006 00:20:53)
ABBA ¡for ever!
anas (12/12/2006 12:03:52)
i love you ABBA
Scotina (10/12/2006 15:17:37)
my wedding my first problem :) what to find firstj i wedding band or 2
bells for wedding
overthehill (09/12/2006 21:46:32)
Abba was and will always be the best looking group ever to enter rock and roll. Agnetha and Anni were and still are absolutely gorgeous!!
princess_06 (26/11/2006 18:49:22)
what wud the world b without abba? they r amazing!! all their music is gr8!
heena (26/11/2006 18:48:24)
abba's the best
Eressiel Nikwis (26/11/2006 15:03:59)
I love Abba, they're very good. But I think, Beatles are the best(one of many reason is that they're so nice!!! :o)). Abba was never better than Beatles.
Hello (25/11/2006 18:13:54)
My mum's name is Agneta, she is in the same age as Agnetha and when ABBA was popular 30 years ago people thought mum was Abba-Agnetha and cried for her at the streets and wisphering. She had the same long blonde hair as Agnetha had and the looked a little as eachother...
Me (25/11/2006 18:10:40)
Why is there none that makes songs like ABBA today? I mean, the rythm, you just have to sing along, everyone can atleast a little of some abba songs, amazing melody...

Saw Mamma Mia the musical day that before yesterday, marvelous... really enjoyed the show. Thanks for a very nice evening!
Navin P. (24/11/2006 12:19:39)
The music is incredible. I only liked the melody of the songs for the 1st 18 years of my life but when i turned into a radio-jockey I was stunned at the work that was invloved in creating teh multiple voices and sounds and the tweaks and tunes that made the beauty that is Abba. They group have a sad, long & untiring history from love to divorce. Fortunately before and after their personal tradegy their music only got better :)
BURT (23/11/2006 03:18:08)

Just watched Madonna concert on TV and she sang a song

HUNG UP (time goes by so slowly) the MUSIC was for sure from an ABBA song.......did she steal the music or did ABBA sing the same song... I cant cross reference this at all...........
Raf (20/11/2006 19:36:04)
Hi EVERYBODY. I'd like to know if ABBA group, whom my parents are fans, is legate with spiritualism (I mean if they were like Rolling Stones or other groups known as people who have had some link with spiritualism). I have heard voices but I don't know anything so I would like to have some informations. Thanks
ABBA Switzerland (19/11/2006 20:40:23)
Thanks for all. That means very much for us.
We Love you. God is with you.
Greeting from Switzerland and Frida from Zermatt
n.gill (19/11/2006 11:57:35)
hi,i am only 12 yrs but i still love abba it is the worlds most fantastic music group and i wish the join again
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