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Abba Story forum (page 4)
Feel free to discuss about the best band ever here
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Bruce From New England (30/08/2006 04:51:24)
Write a song for Abba, what a great idea!!
the very LEAST fans could do for folks that have given so much music to us!! I have a idea.... maybe ill post it when complete! Abba fans are the best :)
Philip (29/08/2006 19:33:54)
Evergreen music..Thank you for the music gifted by ABBA to the world.
Zoe (from New Zealand) (20/08/2006 05:21:10)
ABBA Forever we should write a song for ABBA...
"Long live ABBA Forever Forever"
sree (19/08/2006 11:46:49)
gr8 site and nice people here. I wanted to revive what i had listened to years before, thats how i chanced on this site. Wonderful. ABBA shall remain evergreen!!
Tabitha (17/08/2006 13:55:51)
Yes,that's right!!!=)
Zoe (from New Zealand) (17/08/2006 04:23:36)
Hi ABBA fans this site is all about the greatest band ever does everyone agree?
Dave (16/08/2006 11:19:08)
Hi everyone, I'm a DJ at www.radiopopular.nl. In the month september 'm planning on doing a show with the best 25 songs of ABBA ever. The show is going to be broadcast in Dutch and English. What I would like to ask all fans(over the whole world) to sent me their top 10 of favorite ABBA songs ever. The show will be broadcast on the the first of september. Send in your ABBA top 10 before the 30th augustus to dave@radiopopular.nl . I will keep you posted on the time of the show. Dave
Zoe (from New Zealand) (16/08/2006 07:53:02)
ABBA is the best I could listen to their songs all day every day nonstop!!
Elena (14/08/2006 17:20:07)
I love,love,love,love them!...their songs are awsome....specially "The name of the game"...because it's exactly like my destiney...
Tabitha (10/08/2006 13:42:19)
Because I it find good which you also a abba fan am!!!
alissya (09/08/2006 18:45:00)
u really wanna chat with me?...can I ask why?!
Tabitha (08/08/2006 13:15:58)

ICQ is a chat!!
Each countryside have ICQ!!!
alissya (07/08/2006 20:25:09)
ur english is awful....'cause I don't catch ur drift with "I C Q"!!!...by the way I'm from canada.
Diego (07/08/2006 04:38:24)
Freddy, seria interesente que se informara un poco mas para asi poder hacer una critica basada en hechos. Primero yo tampoco se mucho de ABA, se de ABBA uno de los mejores grupos de musica POP de todos los tiempos, dicho no por mi, pero por las criticas mundiales( no solo Europeas) de la musica. Tambien tuve la oportunidad de disfrutar de The New Kids On The Block, pero comparar...conocimiento musical, vocal,e instrumental entre otros.....?
ABBA one of the greatest POP groups ever.
There's plenty of reliable information for you to appreciate their contribution not only to the music but to the culture generally speaking.
FREDDY (06/08/2006 20:18:59)
haber no se mucho de ABA pero prefiero THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK valla esos si que cantan.
SILVIA (06/08/2006 20:15:26)
Hello , I'm from Peru and I'm 26 years old .This site is really fantastic for me because I love ABBA. My favourites songs are I have a dream , the name of the game , one of us ...
My e-mail for mns :
Tabitha (05/08/2006 12:01:07)
Hey Alissya,

Where do you come from???
Sry for my bad english I'm from Germany!!
Has you ICQ???
Please mail back!!
alissya (05/08/2006 04:25:11)
I really love them too.I was always wondering that "am I the only teenage girl that love them.maybe I'm so classic!" but I know that they have lot's of teenage fans.i'm so glad!
Tabitha (23/07/2006 20:26:47)
ABBA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THEY!!!!!!!!
elke from belgium (10/07/2006 21:28:51)
abba has made history, it's the best pop-group i can imagine!!
My favourite is 'our last summer' because it's the most romantic song i've ever heard, it makes me dreaming and falling in love over and over again with my boyfriend. I'm in love with that song and lots of others. xxx
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