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Abba Story forum (page 8)
Feel free to discuss about the best band ever here
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Brian Edmunds (19/04/2008 13:55:11)
Does anyone known what font was used for the word ABBA on the UK cover of the Abba Greatest Hits album
sara (04/04/2008 23:11:12)
abba is a nice group i was heet them but now no
Clare (31/03/2008 18:27:39)
Come and see our school play!
...(by ABBA)
16th, 17th, 18th April 2008. 7pm. School production.
Ysgol John Bright, Maesdu Road, Llandudno LL30 1DL. (01492) 864200
Tickets £4, (£3 concessions) available from school office or on the door
Naim (31/03/2008 12:44:29)
Hi Everyone, just to say dat u guys r awesome. Love ur music n all of u too. Me from Bangladesh.
Fiona (26/03/2008 21:07:45)
I LOVE ABBA!!! No tribute band will ever get anywhere close to the real thing. Every song tells a story, its a story which we all go through. I would give anything to see them just do 1 more concert in England. i would die happy then. Abba I love you and knowone can ever beat you.
Sonia (26/03/2008 05:28:00)
It is surprinsingly nice to read all the messages. Each one says something I feel or have felt through years. I feel that every one of you, is my friend because we share a deep love for ABBA. I am from Guatemala, a small country located in Central America; however, so far away from Sweden and so far away from Europe, the magical music of ABBA touched me deeply and I love every single song they made. Love you all!!!
Maiza (22/03/2008 01:08:22)
Hi everybody,one doubt: the song heaven is a place on earth is not from abba ,that´s right? I have a friend and he swears it is.
That´s all ,kisses
Abba forever!!!!!!
Pete (16/03/2008 20:02:35)
Vote on that perennial question: who was hotter - Agnetha or Frida?

Rosswil (03/03/2008 18:15:50)
When I thought I knew everething about them. Well, I love them, I love them. My story, is not the first time I say it, I lost my memory because of a car accident, and my only connection with the past was through ABBA songs. I was just a little kid, and till now I remember it.
JIM (03/03/2008 00:33:26)
ethan (28/02/2008 05:46:05)
ABBA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
the Swedish band we know and love till this generation still have that spark even if they\'re not like the way they used to be.I just want thank them for the music they gave us....Everybody young and old can still dance to the catchy music they made.I LOVE THEM
Adam (09/02/2008 20:50:22)
ABBA what an impact these four swedes made on music history. in my eyes ABBA is the greatest pop group ever. No other group has done what ABBA did. It was truly a shame when ABBA broke up. They could have gone on longer to make more excellent music. But thier legacy will always live on. Sweden should be proud.
Zoran Alexandar (31/01/2008 13:41:30)
I have to tell that ABBA is planetar phenomenon. Even if i grew up on heavy metal, ABBA is something special to me, this is something that reminds me at my childhood. I remember, every morning when my mother awake me for the kindergarden i awoke with ABBA songs on the radio(Serbia and former Yugoslavia were only countries ''behind the iron courtaind'' when pop and rock music were treated like in every country out of '' iron curtain''. If somebody ask me what is your favorite band i always say short and clearly:ABBA. My niece and my children are big fans of ABBA but i never forced them to like it.Simply, they have their ear for the good music. I just listen to ''The way old friends do'' song and feel so good.
Greetings from Serbia and all the best to all ABBA fans and all peoples all over the world.
Tim (23/01/2008 19:32:57)
Does anyone agree with me that \" One Man One Woman \" is the best of all Abba tracks? I gree with Sue in her statement that there is an Abba track for every mood or feeling in your life. Would love to correspond with other Abba fans in South Wales
Tessluvsabba (22/10/2007 22:31:02)
Hi , I am a big fan from the UK, have seen loads of Abba tributes and even Bjorn again but something is missing. They don't all look like abba. For me this is disappointing. Please, am I on my own with my view. Does it matter how a tribute band looks?
Anas Mosa (11/10/2007 11:09:23)
I love abba very much, would you please send me their song (the day before you came) to my e-mail?
Because I don't have it.
Sue (04/10/2007 20:55:28)
I am 43 and loved abba since i was about 11 years old. when i feel down there is always an abba record to lift me up and put me back on top again. when they split up i was devistated i felt like the world had ended, still today i feel sad they split younger people of today enjoy abba but when they were still together and touring it was fantastic i would wait for them to be on tv and savor every moment. abba have a song for every moment in your life sad happy lonley whatever it is they will always be there for you. My greatest wish would be to meet Agnetha she is my favorite i used to live in Denmark and would frequently take trips to sweden i never saw her but i will one day meet her i hope and be able to thank her for all the hours of pleasure abba's music has bought to my life.
Chris Tarbet (16/09/2007 15:29:59)
Hello to all ABBA fans!!! My name is Chris Tarbet and I'm nearlly 14. I live in Cardiff, Wales. I have grown up listening to ABBA songs and on my opinion ABBA are the best pop group in the world! I like Agnetha the best, I think she has really lovely hair. My favourite ABBA songs are 'One Of Us', 'Dancing Queen', 'Angeleyes' and 'Waterloo.' My favourite of ABBA's least well-known songs are 'Should I Laugh Or Cry', 'Me And I' and 'Bang-A-Boomerang.' And my favourite ABBA album is 'The Visitors.' I still like the rest of ABBA's songs as well, though. Ithink all four members have fantastic voices. I collect all of ABBA's records and CD's. I've got practically every ABBA single released in Britain! I have some foreign ABBA singles, too. I have the single of 'Our Last Summer' from Greece which is massively rare! Yes, ABBA are simply brilliant and they will always e my favourite all-time group!!!!!
Sylvani (04/09/2007 22:30:42)
i was only 5 years old when they split and i remember that i cryed. I loved them then and i still do now.( i'm 30 years old now)
I have seen the musical , in belgium, 4 times. So...Abba...thank you for the (wonderfull) music
Sonia (03/09/2007 16:42:12)
I have loved Abba since I was ten (I`m forty now). They are the best! Their music is unique because it touches my soul; the melodies, the voices, the mixtures of sound... no other group in earth can do what they did!! That is for sure!! I will love ABBA for ever!!!
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