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Abba Story forum (page 3)
Feel free to discuss about the best band ever here
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mandude (10/07/2006 01:33:08)
Abba is a band that rocks forever. I love sense i
I LOVE... (10/07/2006 01:31:44)
aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaa so is like stupid! I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTTT!
Emma watson (10/07/2006 01:27:20)
Hey! I am your ultimate fan!
Carol Finch (10/07/2006 01:25:59)
Abba so totally rocks! Dancing Queen is my favorite song. Ever sence my mom listened to it i became attached.
marielle c. enrique (05/07/2006 06:08:57)
i adore the all members of abba........i cant sleep when im thinking of them........
marielle (05/07/2006 06:07:47)
im a fan of abba.............i love you all abba.....................
marielle (05/07/2006 06:06:46)
i love abba very much........i love agnetha and anni frid.............benny and bjorn.i cant live without them
Vaidile (04/07/2006 20:16:56)
I LOVE ABBA!!!!!I'M THE BIGGEST ABBA FAN!!!!!I LOVE Agnetha Faltskog!I love all their songs,especialy Thank you for the music!My biggest dream of all is to meet ABBA members!I can't live without them!I like ABBA since my childhood,because my parents have listened them.By the way,I'm 14 and I'm lithuanian.I'll be very glad if you write me.:)My e-mail is vaidbz@yahoo.com

AGNETHA,I LOVE YOU!!!Your voice is fantastic!!!
I Love ABBA!!! (30/06/2006 11:35:44)
i absolutely adore ABBA!!!! actually my dad used to listen to it and i fell in love after hearing one song.....Dancing Queen. Now i know of almost every song!! even more than my dad does!
Abby (25/06/2006 23:27:30)
One more abba fan... I discoverded them at the age of 10 or so and since then I completetly fell in love with those four personns, their music and theur voices... Their originality makes them unforgettable !! And they'll never be considered as out of the fashion... In fact not bafore long decades...
Jack (23/06/2006 14:40:30)
This is the best site I've seen in a long time. No negative comments and no filth. It must be the love of ABBA which brings out the love in peoples souls.
JOANA (19/06/2006 21:00:37)
Ely marcello (17/06/2006 18:54:53)
.. because you like abba, I like you too, you're sweet.
Claudia (14/06/2006 14:48:26)
Hello...i m 13 years old..!!!
i m from Rome(italy) and i love ABBA,,,!!!! I prefer Frida!!!
my email for msn is claudia_93_@hotmail.it

Peggy (07/06/2006 02:11:34)
Nothing to say about. This was some good music for all ages. And it will hardly be beaten by new artists nowadays.
And with all the respect, if you don't believe what I say, I am not lying...... { :-)
M.G. (04/06/2006 16:11:18)
When I was 10 years old, I listened to the A-teens, and I like that music. Then I start listening to the real Abba music, and I loved it! Now, after a few years, I start again with listening to Abba, and I still love it.
Tabitha (04/06/2006 15:18:26)
I'm 14 years old.I'm the biggest fan of ABBA!!! I love the music and Iwant write more but my english is very bad.....because i'm in the 7th class!!
And I'm from Germany!!
But Abba is cool!!!!
Cynthia (04/06/2006 13:00:41)
I see 22 to 69 year-olds here. Well, add me to the bunch. I'm 37 and I've loved Abba since I took my big sister's record out of her room when I was 12. The lyrics are plain spoken words from the heart while the music allows you to experiment with complex harmony. Abba remains one of my top favorite groups to sing along with.
supertrouper (31/05/2006 11:14:57)
I'm 22 year old ans i'm fan of ABBA since my 7 year old! i collect all that I can, i really love their music, they are a great groupe who inspir lots of others artist in all kind of arts! their music remains today, in disco there is no good partu without Gimme!Gimme!Gimme! i hope like everyone here i think, that one day we will see them together because i've never knew them together!

DJO from France
TyroneP (29/05/2006 00:11:10)
How can we get ABBA to reform? Instead of millions of fans, now they may have billions. Thank God Anetha's beautiful voice was not wasted on opera!!
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